Our mission is to provide a holistic path for improving your health while also supporting the health of our planet. We offer a variety of classes for vitality and fun! Have a peek at the options below, then rally your friends for a playful night learning and creating!

Medicine Making: Herbal Infused Oils & Balms. 

Wednesday, March 7th, 2022.

6 pm - 8 pm

Preregistration is required as space is very limited. Bring a friend or two, or fly solo...and always, come as you are.

$66 per person. 

No refunds, friends. 

Interested in learning how to create herbally - infused oils & salves? Join us for an informative & fun evening of medicine making! In class, we will discuss: how to create infused oils for your family; how to make a balm from herbal oils; how essential oils can compliment oils & balms; and how you can easily make lip balm from your infused oils. 


Registration for this class includes two take-home items: an infused oil & a nourishing salve! Class notes, recipes, and supplies are provided. Class size is small to account for social distancing, and masks are required throughout for all attendees. No refunds, friends. 


*Unable to make the dates offered here? Gather 5-6 folks for a private class on your chosen date, for the same fee! Be in touch to co-ordinate private classes, friends! 

Spring Sip & Self Care

Saturday, March 19, 2022.

5:30 pm - 7 pm or so. 

Preregistration is required as space is very limited. Bring a friend or two, or fly solo...and always, come as you are. 303.524.9831. 

$55 per person.

No refunds friends. 

Hello Most Beautifuls,
Please grab a good friend, and join me for an evening of connection and sweetness. At this Spring Sip & Self-Care event, tea sipping, gathering in community & diy-ing will provide the perfect platform to clear the cobwebs of our long winter slumber and gently lead us into SPRING SEASON! 


Let us enjoy nourishing food and drink, reflect on the power of spring energy, meditate together and create a magical spring cleaning goodie to take home and bless ourselves with. The intention of this evening is magic, nourishment and revitalization. I hope to see you there. 

Hosted by the shop owner Talai Franz.

Perfume Class

Tuesday March 29th, 2022.
6 - 8pm. 

Preregistration is required as space is very limited. Bring a friend or two, or fly solo...and always, come as you are. 303.524.9831.
$66 per person

No refunds friends. 

Natural Perfumery is one of Catherine's favorite aromatherapy subjects and she is very excited to share her experience with you! I


n this class, we will cover: the intriguing history of natural fragrance; the concept of base, middle & top notes in natural perfume blending, and the most beloved essential oils used in traditional & natural perfumes. This olfactory experience will tantalize and inspire you to blend your own natural perfume spray or roll-on with Catherine's support! 

Class includes: detailed instruction & notes, a natural perfume of your own creation, and a 10% discount in-shop the day of class! 

DIY Private Classes

Class Length (including materials): about 2 hours, depending on topic.

Cost per session: Varies per class, but around $40 per person.

Min # of attendees per session: 4

Max # attendees per session: 10

Off-site sessions available, additional fees apply.

Light refreshments provided.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to make infused oils, lip balms, tinctures, vinegars, herbal syrups, healing body balms, bath fizzies, or even just learn all the ins & outs about how to make herbal teas? Are you looking to up your handmade gift-giving game this holiday session? Are classes and workshops that are offered to the general public outside of your availability, or would you rather have a small, intimate lesson with just a few of your friends/family? Well, Meadowsweet Gifts & Wellness has you covered!


We are now offering small, private lessons on many herbal medicine & natural body care topics before or after our shop hours. Recipes and notes will be provided on the topic of choice, and each attendee will go home with the incredible products we make in-class!


Simply choose your lesson from the list below, make a list of friends or family would love to join you (minimum 4, and maximum number of attendees per session is 10) , and be in touch with us by phone at (303)524-9831 or email us at herbinalchemy@gmail.com! We look forward to hearing from you soon, and sharing what we have learned with you!


Topics currently offered (if you have another interest, please inquire):

  • Tisanes, Infusions, and Decoctions: Tea Making 101

  • Folk Method Tincture-Making

  • Herbal Vinegars

  • Lip & Body Balms

  • Bath Fizzies & Body Scrubs

  • Herbal First Aid

  • Herbal Syrups

  • Natural bodycare for Mama & Baby

  • Full Moon or New Moon Ritual

  • Have another idea? Just ask and we will do our best to accommodate!


Also, check out other ideas below:

Stress Support! Herbal and Nutritional Therapeutics


This is a class will focus on herbs that are useful and applicable in your everyday busy life.  We will discuss simple herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle changes that are easy to do and can enhance your body’s ability to cope with life’s myriad of challenges…the challenging and the awesome! 

This will be a hands-on class with opportunities to taste teas/tinctures and make sample herbal blends to take home.


Plant-Spirit Communication


Join us for a magical evening in communion with our plant allies! In this class, Catherine will lead an aromatherapy meditation, a plant-sit outdoors, and share the practice of plant brushing with the group. From sacred songs to fragrant flowers and deep connection, this is a night not to be missed! Each participate will go home with an essential oil rollerball of their choice, a song list for spiritual healing, and new practices to support the mystical and ever meaningful plant-spirit journey!


Introduction to Aromatherapy


Join us for a fun, fragrant, and informative evening! In this class, Catherine will discuss aromatherapy basics including: how aromatherapy works; various uses of essential oils; appropriate dilution rates & carrier oils, and our top favorite essential oils! If you are just starting out with the art of aromatherapy, need a refresher, or are feeling confused about how to utilize these incredible healing allies, then this is the class for you! The class fee includes a detailed handout, a sample oil, and a discount on all products the night of class! 

Herbs for the Spiritual Heart


This workshop will cover many of the herbs useful for emotional health and vibrancy.  While mainstream medicine tends to focus on physical ailments, holistic health will also address the emotional and spiritual components of our human experience.  This workshop will be hands-on, with opportunities to prepare and sample many herbs to see what herbal allies best resonate with your personal experience, struggles, and desires for growth. 


Healing Herbal Syrups and Elixirs Workshop


Learn the skill of creating your own beautiful and healing herbal syrups and elixirs.  We will cover medicinal uses of a few focused herbs, different extraction methods, formulas, and how to use these delicious medicines to support your family or community.  After this class you will have a solid foundation for making potent and vibrant herbal syrups and elixirs. 

Medicine as Food: How to Incorporate Herbs into Everyday Recipes


Food and medicine is a spectrum, and the deepest and most lasting healing can come from the long-term use of gentle tonic and restorative herbs.  We will discuss the herbs that are subtle in the moment, but powerful and effective when taken regularly, and we will cover sample recipes for soups, spice blends, and tonic beverages to promote nutritional repletion, longevity, and lasting vitality.  

We will make and eat an entire (vegetarian) meal as the class progresses.  Come hungry!


Herbs for Anxiety


This is a class will focus on herbs that are useful for promoting a grounded and present emotional state.  Long-term stress can have many impacts on bodily health and well-being, and building our capacity for resilience is essential for health in our turbulent modern society.  In this class we will discuss simple herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle changes that are easy to do and can enhance your body’s ability to cope with life’s myriad of challenges. 

This will be a hands-on class with opportunities to taste many different teas/tincture.


Gut Health 101: Optimizing Digestion


In this class we will cover digestive teas, bitters formulas, carminatives, and nutrition to support the healing of the gut lining, building of digestive prowess, and cultivation of a diverse and vibrant gut microbiome.  We will taste many different preparations, discuss specific indications for individual herbs, learn how to balance herbs in formulation, and make sample blends to take home. 


Fun with Fermentation! 


Come learn how easy (and cheap!) it is to make fermented food! In this class we will delve into the science and magic of fermentation, discuss health benefits, taste some fun concoctions, and make a delicious kraut to take home.

Fun Perks & Cancellation Policy

Class attendants will receive 10% off your entire purchase the day of your class! No refunds.




From soothing soaks and aromatherapy blends to nutrient-rich teas, Herbin Alchemy has created a variety of blends to meet your needs! And if it's not in the shop, let's chat. We would love to create a custom blend for you!