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Dandelion Oil, Self-care, and Why I Bleed on Sunday

Simple self-care practices for health and vitality

Why I Bleed on Sundays

Since my teen years, I have found deep satisfaction in drawing a little blood while working in the garden. In my head, this indicates I have achieved a successful, kick-ass workday. With gardening season upon us, that long held belief is checking in with me...Have you bled? Did you work hard? I'm not talking stitches here. Just a few bloody nicks in the skin will suffice.

This bloody display, and the sweat and dirt and sore muscles that are part of my gardening story are my truest form of self-care. Gardening feeds my body and soul on a level I have not found in any other activity. It invigorates me, connects me to Spirit and keeps me sane by providing a space for me to process thoughts and emotions and space to 'just be'. The plants teach me about tenderness and tenacity and I truly love them. They also nourish and heal my family and my community. What a gift.

Sunday's are less about work, and more about myself and my family. After a couple of hours of computer work int the morning it's me time. And that usually means a portion of the day is spent in the garden. Aside from the usual spring time clean up of snipping back dead stalks, top dressing with a little compost and introducing a few cold tolerant seeds to the garden, I am also harvesting, eating and creating using plant friends that have recently emerged!

How to Make Dandelion Infused Oil

dandelion, dandelion infused oil, Herbin Alchemy
Don't forget to say "please" and "thank you" during the harvest!

Dandy-lion Infused Oil- loosely pack a jar with dandelion blossoms. I tear mine in half to create more surface area and a better extraction. Go for the clean ones; dirt and chemical free. When you harvest please make sure to say, "please" and "thank you". Top off the jar with a carrier oil of your choice. Olive oil is cost effective and works well. Label the jar (ingredients, date, name, use). Place in a convenient location for daily affection and a gentle shake. Whisper sweet nothings to your dandy oil and shake it daily for 2 weeks. It's part of the medicine. Now you are ready to strain and use the oil on sore muscles and joints as needed. I like to add some to my massage blend that I use in my Vitality Center. Pure sunshine.

Simple Self-Care for Vitality

Other self-care tools I may pull out on Sunday include (but are not limited to):

· A nourishing salad. Right now I am really into spinach, roasted beets, green onions, pecans, blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. It’s nourishing and easy peasy.

· An Epsom salt bath. 2 cups with a little essential oil and soak for at least 12 minutes. I like to put on a meditation during this time.

· I love to float through my days on an essential oil cloud. Things that smell good are my favorite things. Post gardening I am currently luxuriating in my Headache rollerball blend, which is great for melting away muscle tension. Right now, Headache blend is being generously applied to my hamstrings, which are rebelling against being stretched and contracted for long periods of time in the garden. They’ll get used to it. In the meantime, extra love for them.

· A long walk (at least an hour) helps my body reset and more vitamin d is always welcome. It’s also the reason I am my dogs favorite person. We have spent many years connecting via the streets of Denver, Colorado.

Another way in which I practice self-care is by challenging myself to be bigger and better by doing things like writing my first blog post. If you enjoyed it please subscribe below. If you’d like to learn more about health, essential oils and other ways in which I try to grow please subscribe below. For product information visit:


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